Apologies again to Victoria, Wayne and Robert who were kept waiting at the pub last night while I was dealing with a plumbing crisis.  Not a euphemism, by the way.  Ben, the owner of the aforementioned plumbing, arrived a bit later to buy a round and to hear the story of when I bought Robert his first ever McDonald's, not all that long ago actually.  I also told anyone who was listening that I have a tablespoonful of coconut oil with breakfast, for the many health benefits it provides.  Another job for your favourite search engine, if you'd like to find out more.  And Victoria is in the market for a Canon C300, if anyone out there knows of one that's for sale.

On the third Thursday of June I'll be in Scotland so the next TFK meet-up will be on Thursday 17 July.  I'll send out a note about the venue at the start of that week.