All younger subscribers to this blog will probably struggle to find the significance of the title of this post but I'm sure that Google can help you out if necessary.  Similarly those of you who are still taking taking instructions from your mother have a legitimate excuse for not coming to the April meet-up last Thursday, and of course there was Easter to contend with too, but fortunately for me Ben turned up to save me from talking to myself.  He even introduced me later to the gourmet delights of the Stockpot across the street, where we continued our conversation in a variety of languages, all badly.  These aren't Greyhounds, of course, but a family of Lakeland Terriers (in various degrees of healthiness) I photographed years ago.  

The next TFK meet-up will be on Thursday 15 May.  Location TBA at the start of that week.  Let's hope for warmer weather.