The clues are all there, but for those of you who haven't met him, Wayne arrived last night at 7pm precisely and we enjoyed an evening of discussion on photography, travel, astronomy and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Some of our regular TFK people had legitimate work-related excuses for not being able to make it and for the others I suppose that the lure of cold beer on a hot evening in Soho wasn't quite strong enough.  I myself had been lured into a McDonald's on the way there by the chill of the air conditioning, and succumbed to a not quite as big as I remember from the last time I had one Big Mac.  And a large fries.  And a large cola.

The next meet-up will be on Thursday 15 August and I'll send out a note with the venue details at the start of that week.


L1010832 McD's.jpg