On the way to the meet-up on Thursday I fought my way through the crowds in Leicester Square who were waiting for Denzel Washington to arrive for the premiere of his new film, and dropped into M&Ms World to warm up for a few minutes.  I was pleasantly suprised to be given a free handful of peanut M&Ms on the way in, but my mood quickly changed to bewilderment as I took in the range of merchandise on offer, from themed laptop skins to wellington boots and everything in between.  And of course the hundreds of M&M disciples who stumbled around the four floors with their eyes glazing over from the amount of sugar in the air.

Later in Soho I was joined by Robert, Max, Ann-Nee and Wayne but unfortunately not by John C who is quite badly ill in UCL, so please send a get well message to to cheer him up.

For some reason the pub was relatively quiet but the atmosphere, drinks and conversation were all good so let's do it all again on Thursday 21 February.  Venue TBA.



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