Thanks to Victoria, Andrea, Steve, Martin and Wayne for making it to the inaugural meet-up last night.  I also bumped into Bruce on the stairs, which was a (nice) surprise.

There was no predefined agenda but the discussion criss-crossed between technology, our increasing reliance on it and the various mostly visual creative pursuits that the group were currently earning a living from, to a greater or lesser extent.  If you'd prefer there to be an agenda or a single theme for the next meet-up on 17 November (third Thursday of the month, OK?), please post your ideas here.  And/or should each member of the group bring an object (book, DVD, whatever) to lend out for a month, or even swap permanently?  Comments please.

We'll try another location next time, preferably less noisy and less busy if more people are likely to come along.  Any suggestions?

For the time being I've changed the access to this site from private to public so that anyone and everyone can see it and post to it, if they so desire.

By the way, the metadata for the image above says 1/6 of a second at f3.3 and it's pin sharp.  Don't you just love technology?