Let me quickly say that this isn't the rock steady shot I took last night, but Steve was kind enough to email me the photos he took with his GoPro so I feel duty bound to share this one. Luckily it isn't a video or you'd have to endure the ear-shattering music (?) that everyone in the pub had to shout over.  I don't think I'll be going back there without earplugs.  Those of you who are good at guessing the swirly face questions on HIGNFY may recognise Richard (now also aka in the middle.

I can understand why some of you didn't make it out on a freezing night but the best excuse came from Greg who is currently in Poland where it's even colder.

FYI, Steve is selling some of his broadcast kit so please have a look at these links if you're interested:

He's also selling a Sony PMW-F3 and SCL-Z18X140 lens but for some reason hasn't put that on eBay with a 99p starting price.  I'm sure he would have sold it there.

If you'd like to recommend a quiet pub in Soho for the next meet-up on 21 March, do let me know.