The astroturf appeared to have been covered in tarmac but that didn't deter Robert, Charles, Steve, Wayne, Max and Liam from having a good time with me at The Endurance on Thursday night, although I think it must have been our noisiest venue so far.  Some of that noise could be attributed to Billy, who was celebrating his 32nd birthday with some friends, and was very keen that we should all be celebrating with him.

Charles and Steve had been to Tate Modern earlier, and gave us all a quick review of the Damien Hirst exhibition, including the shark which was apparently looking a little worse for wear, unlike any of us on Friday morning I'm sure.

By the way, I've posted this photo as an example of what you can find when you're not looking for it.  Unlike the South Pole, I suppose.

Venue for our next meet-up on 17 May to follow.


L1000749 Endurance.jpg