I wonder how many of you recognised the title of this post as a track by Focus, the 70s Dutch prog rock band led by flautist and organist Thijs van Leer.  Not many I suppose.  I used to listen to it when I was studying (now and again) at uni, mainly because it's almost 20 minutes long and instrumental, so I had a relatively prolonged spell of background music without being distracted by lyrics.  Unfortunately, however, it shares a sequence of notes with Happy Heart, the 1969 minor hit by American crooner Andy Williams, so I was reminded of that song every time I played the Focus track.  Luckily I didn't know the lyrics otherwise I would have been really distracted.  

Anyhow, perhaps it was the exclamation mark in the Answer Me This! podcast that made me think about all this.

What's the best bathroom you've visited?