I thought I'd been able to avoid last night's football but instead the pub had a big screen showing the Portugal v Poland game and the volume up almost high enough to be a distraction.  Luckily for me, Robert, Ben and Max had plenty of news to share, and then suddenly it was penalty shootout time and last orders.  Dan sent his apologies so I'll have to wait until another day to find out more about Mark.  Time brings all things to pass.



Yesterday I received the sad news that Mark Gibson, one of the many TFK irregulars, had died suddenly.  Next Monday there will be a Buddhist ceremony in Fulham for family and close friends, but next Thursday evening I'll be meeting up with Dan Robinson, who knew Mark much better than I did, to remember the good times.  If you'd like to join us, we'll be in the Hoop & Grapes, 80 Farringdon Street, from 6pm.



No, I wasn't asked this question in the pub on Thursday night but on the way there I took this photo with my (fairly) new point-and-shoot camera.  Sony RX100 IV if anyone's interested.  Wayne and Max were, or at least appeared to be.  They both had a play but neither of them said coo.



I've met up with many of the TFK subscribers individually in recent months and they've all asked about the next group outing so let's have one next Thursday, 31 March, at The Harp on Chandos Place.  Apparently there's no TV so if you can't bear to miss it for one night, just set your recorder and come along from 6:30pm.


PS   Happy Easter


I forgot to take a photo at last night's meet-up, having not had one for a while, so I've shamelessly copied this one from J+A's website.  The bar had a better atmosphere than many of the usual Soho ones (like having a big table to ourselves and being able to hear each other speak), so I don't think that Robert, Ben, Steve and Phil really minded the extra distance they had to travel to get there, and it's pretty much Max's local so he was happy.  There was lots of catching up to do and not nearly enough time so perhaps we'll have another one before too long.  Ideas for possible venues welcome.



I'm meeting up with Max tomorrow (that was Thursday 12 November 2015 if you're reading this too late) for a drink or two after work, not in Soho but in Oh so trendy Clerkenwell.  The bar ( is at 1+4 Sutton Lane EC1M 5PU and Max assures me that it's open in the evenings, in spite of what's listed on Google Maps.  We'll be there from 6:30pm.  All TFK subscribers as well as their friends and colleagues are welcome to join us.



... turnouts have led me to review the value of these monthly meet-ups so, after 40 of them, I'm going to put this project on hold for a while.  I'm not about to chop anyone from the list of TFK subscribers, but please note that you can do this yourself by clicking on the link in today's email.  I hope to see you all again before too long.



OK, it was the best I could come up with on my own but if you think you could do better, then please come along to the Shakespeare's Head this Thursday from 7pm.  It'll be the first night in this pub for a TFK meet-up but there'll be no need for nerves until it's your round.  And please quote me to your friends and colleagues.



This image doesn't have much to do with last night's get-together apart from its similarity to my latest post on If you're interested in resolutions you might like to click through to read it, but even if you do, you missed my look of surprise when I learned from Max and John C that there's now something called 5K.  Luckily I haven't wasted any money on a 4K TV.  Ben and I could only imagine what it would be like to be as busy as the others, although we are both working tomorrow.

The first TFK meet-up of 2015 will be on 15 January.  Venue details to be announced at the start of that week.


PS   Merry Christmas


I think I've only ever managed to drink one of Starbucks' 20oz coffees once in my life, for fairly obvious reasons, but I'm planning to have more than one pint of something much better this Thursday evening in the Old Coffee House (49 Beak Street) from 7pm and hope to see you there too.



I'm constantly amazed by the number of times I see text printed on signs, posters, the sides of vans, etc, etc with missing apostrophes, and last night was no exception.  I know that the English language is evolving, but puleeze!  Luckily Ben and Wayne were on hand to calm me down and switch the subject of conversation to Flickr (not a typo) and how to balance a long lens on a tripod (with the aid of a napkin).  At our table were three young ladies from Falke who are looking for a photographer to shoot some models in tights.  I'm checking my phone every hour for messages.

The next TFK meet-up will be on Thursday 18 December.  I'll send out details of the chosen pub at the start of that week.



According to this pub's own website it's the "Best Independent Pub in London" (their quotation marks) and the equally unbiased TripAdvisor lists mostly excellent ratings so I could think of no reason not to choose The Queen's Head (15 Denman Street W1D 7HN) for this Thursday's meet-up.  I've never been there before so please bring an open mind, a friend or colleague and some money and together we'll form our own opinions.  I'll be there from 7pm.



Thursday's pub of choice was remarkably quiet for the middle of Soho, even quieter than I would have expected because only Ben was able to join me, but we made the best of whiling away the time together by making some much-needed updates to the software on his laptop. All things considered you missed an educational evening and sadly we'll all miss October's because the next TFK meet-up will now be on Thursday 20 November, by which time I'm sure there will be many more updates to share. I'll send out venue details at the start of the week.



The last time we had a TFK meet-up in a Coach & Horses was in March 2012 in Greek Street but for this Thursday's I've chosen another one on the corner of Poland Street and Great Marlborough Street.  It's yet another Soho pub I've never visited but I'll guess that many of you will know it well.  Unusually, I've got to work until 19:30 just north of King's Cross but I'll jump on the Victoria Line (not literally) and will get to the pub as quickly as I can.  I look forward to seeing you there.



There was quite a bit of marketing talk last night, and a little about photography, as usual.  Ben has finished painting the floor of his office/studio in Fitzrovia and is on the lookout for more business, Victoria J showed us photos of her creative cake designs and Dan kicked off a business card critique session by revealing his own new one.  Throughout it all, Robert looked remarkably fresh in spite of having started the day with a client meeting at 6am.  There were definitely echoes of this scene from American Pyscho:

The next TFK meet-up will be on Thursday 18 September.  I'll send out details of the location at the start of that week.



Apparently there are around 650 Red Lion pubs in the UK, but only one of them is in Soho (14 Kingly Street, to be precise), and this where the August TFK meet-up will be held this Thursday.  I look forward to seeing you and your friends, colleagues and whatevers there from 7pm onwards.  



It's hard not to think about odds, chance and destiny when the TV is showing footage of what was left of an aeroplane smouldering in a field, as was the case on Thursday evening, but Ben, Liam, Wayne and I somehow managed to cheer each other up and promises were made to collaborate on various ideas, which is mostly what TFK is about.

With luck the next meet-up will be on Thursday 21 August.  I'll send out a note with the location at the start of that week.



After last month's mini-break in Scotland, for our July meet-up I've chosen the Leicester Arms in Glasshouse Street, the scene of many TFK excursions over the past three years.  I hope that many of you will be able to join me there this Thursday from 7pm.  FYI (there I go again, Ben) the title of this post is also the title of a live album by Todd Rundgren, who I'm sure would be there too if he wasn't on tour with Ringo somebody in the USA.



Apologies again to Victoria, Wayne and Robert who were kept waiting at the pub last night while I was dealing with a plumbing crisis.  Not a euphemism, by the way.  Ben, the owner of the aforementioned plumbing, arrived a bit later to buy a round and to hear the story of when I bought Robert his first ever McDonald's, not all that long ago actually.  I also told anyone who was listening that I have a tablespoonful of coconut oil with breakfast, for the many health benefits it provides.  Another job for your favourite search engine, if you'd like to find out more.  And Victoria is in the market for a Canon C300, if anyone out there knows of one that's for sale.

On the third Thursday of June I'll be in Scotland so the next TFK meet-up will be on Thursday 17 July.  I'll send out a note about the venue at the start of that week.



The Carlisle Arms in Bateman Street is yet another one in the long list of Soho pubs I've never stepped foot in before, but I hope you won't be able to say that at the end of this week because the May TFK meet-up will be there this Thursday from 7pm.  Perhaps by then someone will have found out why the motto on the pub's sign is a quotation from Shakespeare's Henry VIII.  Google isn't much help but apparently other search engines are available.