My flight back from Edinburgh yesterday was delayed by over an hour so I made a diversion to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to see Surreal Encounters, an exhibition of some of the finest examples of surrealism by René Magritte, Salvador Dalì, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Man Ray and many others.  As a teenager I was a big fan of this movement and mis-spent many an hour photographing reflections of incongruous objects, occasionally with a less than willing participant, so on the way through the grounds I stopped to take a photo of myself at Two Two-Way Mirrored Parallelograms Joined with One Side Balanced Spiral Welded Mesh (what else would you call it?) by Dan Graham.  I took the letters (most of them anyway) from a neon light installation by Martin Creed, above the entrance to the gallery.  Surreal Encounters runs until 11 September.