I got back earlier this evening from a long weekend in Groningen, where Todd Rundgren was performing the European premiere of his Up Against It! with the Noord Nederlands Orkest.  I wasn't planning to take many photos on my trip so I packed only what could almost be classed as a vintage Sony DSC-N2 point-and-shoot which I bought in B&H Photo almost 10 years ago.  I used it to capture this moment on a tour of the VERA ( music venue on Friday morning.  The name is an acronym for the Latin inscription VERI ET RECTI AMICI above the door.  In English it means true and right friends, a phrase which applies well to the community of lifelong Todd Rundgren fans I'm privileged to be a member of.  VERA has hosted many bands in their early years who became far more well known than Todd, including Joy Division, photographed there in 1979.  I also managed to squeeze in a visit to the excellent David Bowie is exhibition, which has now been extended until 10 April at the Groningen Museum (  If you missed it in London, Toronto, São Paolo, Berlin, Chicago, Melbourne or Paris, please take my advice and don't miss it this time.