I don't have much need for a lens longer than 400mm so this is only part of an image I shot at 3:22 this morning, as the super moon and lunar eclipse combined to make a blood moon.  While I looked through the eyepiece of my camera I could see the lights of an object making its way from right to left, towards the south east.  The solid red light made quite a long trail during the half second exposure so at first I thought it must have been travelling extremely fast, but after a quick calculation (diameter of moon 2159 miles, distance from earth last night 221754 miles, tan[θ] = opposite/adjacent, etc), I estimated that it was around 600 miles per hour, the typical cruising speed for long distance commercial passenger flights (although I did wonder where this particular aeroplane was travelling to over London in the middle of night).  The next super blood moon appears in 2033.  Let's all try not to miss it.