After a photo shoot in the City this morning and a meeting with a new client about some possible video production work I dropped in for some quality coffee and catch-up time this afternoon with my editor friend Max in his cutting room in Clerkenwell.  Even before the caffeine took effect my brain was stimulated more than I expected on a Friday afternoon by the Oculus Rift headset he's using to previsualise content for a multi-screen panoramic display commissioned by a client in the Far East.  There were lots of other things that tempted me to overstay my welcome, like these Polaroid prints which Max discovered in the sock drawer of his father-in-law, a good friend of Roy Naisbitt who worked as an animation artist on 2001: A Space Odyssey and painted (in several colours, apparently) the fibreglass sculpture of the Star Child which appears towards the end of the film.  Or perhaps it was the beginning.  Either way, I think it's time to watch it again.