While I was charging my camera batteries yesterday for a shoot in the evening I thought I'd make a photographic record of the supplements I'm taking at the moment to keep my own batteries charged, so to speak, as I do cycle some of them in and out from time to time.  I didn't really need to set up the light tent I use for proper product shots so I just arranged them on my Wacom tablet and opened the blinds on my study window.  My usual breakfast regime includes a stack of aged garlic extract, green tea extract, alpha-lipoic acid, cod liver oil, marine phytoplankton, Ciltep and a general multivitamin, taken with a large cup of Bulletproof Coffee. The science behind all of these can be found on the internet, but for easily digestible (pun intended) information, I'd recommend searching for Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield.  You can also subscribe to their podcasts on iTunes.  It's food for your brain.