This photo isn't a million miles away from the one in my last blog post, more like a thousand, as that's the distance London is from Venice, which is where I've been for the past three days on a shoot for one of my favourite clients.  It was hard work (of course) but I did have an hour of free time on Wednesday to wander around the Piazza San Marco in the baking heat, which made this ice cream bar all the more tantalising as I'd left my Euros in the safe in my hotel room, on another island.  Just as tantalisingly out of reach was Andreas Gursky's Biennale exhibit which was a little too far away on the Arsenale campus.  I wanted to find out why anyone would spend $434,500 on his photograph of the exterior of a Toys R Us building,  The estimate was $1.8 million.  In an edition of six.  Mamma mia!