I've been looking for subjects recently for a 'found' photography project and remembered with some nostalgic sentimentality the red plastic View-Master that one of my school friends had back in the 60s.  Thanks to eBay I'm now the owner of this vintage Seven Wonders of the World reel and wonder (no pun intended) how many people have relied on this as a visual reference for these structures, given that all of them have disappeared, with the exception of the Pyramids, and no contemporary images have survived. Last year saw the launch of the curiously named (but it's obvious when you see it) Google Cardboard which uses a similar principle to the View-Master stereoscope but with a smartphone, and later this year Google will partner with Mattel to bring to the market a plastic retro-styled device which will use a smartphone in conjunction with card reels, each containing seven pairs of stereoscopic images.  It would appear that what goes around comes around after all.