I'm back in the UK now after a few days in Spain, first at the Alhambra palace and then in Seville over Easter.  Thankfully, guests at what was once a monastery and is now the Parador de Granada hotel have access to the grounds before the gates open to let the crowds in.  As the sun rose higher, so did the hundreds of selfie sticks and I wondered if the next must-have photo accessory for tourists will be a personal drone armed with grin-recognition software.  I'd recommend a visit there though, and to Seville too, especially at Easter when thousands of self-confessed sinners in robes and pointed hoods with eye-holes process through the narrow streets from early morning until after midnight, accompanying heavy floats carried by members of the many religious brotherhoods in the city.  It seems that there are still lots of people who do remember the past and are willing to repeat it.