I was in Little Rock AK last weekend to (amongst other things) take photographs at a symposium hosted by the Spirit of Harmony Foundation, the philanthropic organisation set up by Todd Rundgren to support music education in schools, and I took the opportunity while I was over there to go to Dallas for a couple of days to visit my friend Ted Forbes, who produces the excellent Art of Photography podcast episodes.  Like probably everyone else on their first visit to this city, I stood behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll above Dealey Plaza and imagined the scene on 22 November 1963 when JFK was the target of an assassin's gun (although it was soon common knowledge that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't deliver the fatal shot). Nowadays it's tourists who are the target for local panhandlers who will share their conspiracy theories for a few dollars. I was happy to listen to Miguel (at least that's the name he gave me) and took his photograph for my 500 portraits project. The next day I also photographed Kane in the Craft and Growler filling station, where my favourite beer (although I didn't have time to try all 42 on the menu) was the intriguingly named Clown Shoes Space Cake, before stopping by Kettle Art, the gallery owned by local artist Frank Campagna, to make his portrait too. It's seven years since I last saw Frank, on the island of Ka'uai, but that's a much, much longer story.