I'll be elsewhere over Easter so I wanted to post a photograph now that will hopefully be interpreted as even marginally germane to the occasion.  On my way to see (so to speak) Grayson Perry last Thursday, I stopped off to see a friend of mine who runs a television studio with a unique view of Tower Bridge and the Thames, but on this occasion my eyes were drawn to what was going on six floors below me, where tourists were photographing each other with a sculpture of (according to the plate beside it) a full stop, although from my position it looked like an egg.  The scene reminded me of the astronauts lining up to be photographed in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, just before the monolith emits its ear-piercing signal.  So far the full stop (which the artist Fiona Banner subtitled Slipstream) has remained silent, but perhaps it's just waiting for the right moment.  I hope you enjoy your eggs this Sunday, whatever colour they are.