I haven't watched Coronation Street since the 70s but every now and again I see something that reminds me of the nation's favourite (as far as I know) soap opera and its strong characters.  Two of them were Stan and Hilda Ogden, who had a mural of the Alps in their living room, with three flying ducks hanging on the sky section.  For reasons that were never explained (again, as far as I know), the middle one always pointed downwards, possibly because Stan never got around to fixing it.  So when I walked into the foyer of Bluebird restaurant in the King's Road last week, I wondered what the Ogdens would have thought of the arrangement of metal birds on the wall.  There were lots of other bluebirds to be found throughout the building, including some models of the Bluebird K7 in which Donald Campbell broke several world water speed records, and in which he died in 1967.  If I could sell the little die-cast toy of the K7 I owned as a child I think I'd go back to that restaurant for more memories, 'appen.