Last Autumn the genius who is Grayson Perry demonstrated even more of his seemingly limitless creativity by presenting a series on Channel 4, in which he made 14 portraits of individuals, families and groups.  Having visited the National Portrait Gallery at the weekend to see an exhibition of the works featured in the series, I dropped in again yesterday to get out of the rain and to listen in as one of the gallery staff described The Ashford Hijab and The Huhne Vase to visually impaired visitors as part of the NPG's Visualising Portraits programme.  I learned a lot more than I expected to, including the fact that Victoria Miro has purchased all of the pieces for her own galleries. Under the circumstances, I could only treat myself to a copy of Grayson's book Playing to the Gallery, which I'm looking forward to reading this weekend.  You can watch the series on 4OD and visit the NPG exhibition until 15 March.  I can't rate either of them highly enough.