I paid my second visit of the week to Canary Wharf yesterday, for another full day of corporate portraits, which meant that I travelled on the Jubilee Line in the rush hour with a few thousand other people who had to get there by 9am.  The scene reminded me of the start of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, but speeded up by a factor of three.  I remember filming in Docklands in 1990 when One Canada Square stood alone in a fairly desolate landscape and I wondered who would ever want to work there.  Now the development includes many of the UK's tallest buildings and I'm sure that more will be added.  In the evening I attended an event to launch the new premises of Omni, my preferred printer for anything larger than A3, who now occupy an arch beneath the railway at London Bridge.  The performance artist wasn't really my cup of tea but there were plenty of other drinks to lubricate the networkings.