This may look as if I'd arranged these items so that I could take this photograph, but I found them just like this after I'd listened to my friend Charles perform the second half of the epic poem The Waste Land by T S Eliot.  I didn't see the first half because Google Maps navigated me to where the gallery was located in Southend-on-Sea before it moved a year ago to its new home about a mile away.  When I eventually arrived, I got a tantalising flavour of what I'd missed, then I helped Charles and some of his friends pack away the pop-up set in which he performed, and where his fellow artists aka the Thames Group of Artists exhibited their works.  I was especially drawn towards the arrangement of exquisite objects found in the mud on the foreshore of the Thames and displayed by milliner Sara Grundy alongside a homburg hat she made from found pieces of broken china.  For more information about this travelling exhibition and to hear Charles describe the project, please click here.