I hardly ever post images I didn't make myself but this time I will, because today I went to Serena Morton's gallery in Ladbroke Grove to see an exhibition of photographs and screen prints by Billy Name, and was especially drawn to this one which he shot during the time he spent from 1964 to 1970 as archivist at the Worhol Factory.  Perhaps it's the lighting, or the composition, or the tessellation of the paintings, or the subject matter (having been an impressionable child at the time), or something else I'll never be able to put my finger on, but it has a haunting quality that I know will make me think carefully about whether or not to part with £2,400 for a print.  There are currently 23 left in an edition of 40 and I have until the exhibition closes on 23 October to decide.  By the way, it was Valerie Solaris who shot Andy Worhol, not with Billy Name's 35mm Pentax but with a .32 semi-automatic pistol.