I haven't recommended any exhibitions I've been to for a while and I'm not certain that I'd especially suggest that you go to either of the two I managed to squeeze in yesterday morning.  First of all I went to see the esteemed Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto's Still Life at the Pace Gallery adjacent to the Royal Academy in London.  I'd heard about his ongoing (since 1976) series on dioramas inside natural history museums around the world, and wanted to find out what all the fuss was about, but I left with feelings of admiration more for the diorama makers and the framer of Sugimoto's enormous prints.  If you'd like to form your own opinion, the exhibition runs until 24 January.  Next door is a retrospective of Allen Jones (RA) who is probably most famous for his fibreglass studies of women as items of furniture.  I'd always thought that he made the sculptures in the Korova Milk Bar in Stanley Kubrick's film of A Clockwork Orange, but apparently Jones declined Kubrick's request to provide them for no payment.  The thrill of theft, indeed.  You lewdies have until 25 January to viddy it.