This title of this post is a photographic exhibition I escaped from the rain yesterday to see at the new(-ish) Media Space at the Science Museum in London.  It features the work of Tony Ray-Jones (1941-72), and of Martin Parr (born 1952) who was heavily influenced by Ray-Jones' depictions of the everyday lives and eccentricities of the English, so much so that I found it hard to guess which of them had shot what.  The exhibition runs until 16 March and is worth a visit if you have any interest at all in social documentary, through photography or anything other medium.

In the evening I dropped into the Private View of the latest collection of paintings and drawings by the landscape artist Nick Schlee (born 1931), whose portrait I made in 2012 for a book on his work.  This image is 'Solitary straw bale', from a series recording a walk he made through the village of Compton to the Ridgeway in Berkshire.  There's something very English about this scene, although really I don't know enough about painting to explain what I mean by this.  You can see the whole series 'A scroll in the country' until 25 January at Gallery 8 in Duke Street St James's, but I'd get there soon if you're in a mood to buy.