That's not a word I'd use every day but it's not every day I go to see an exhibition of 100 Impressionist masterpieces, which is what I did in Rouen last Thursday.  There was a special section devoted to Claude Monet's paintings of reflections on water, and I was still thinking about them the next morning as I walked past this secluded pond on my way to the patisserie in the village of Valmont.  If you look closely you might even imagine that you can see some lily pads.  

The exhibition is at the Musée des Beaux-Arts until 30 September and also includes a collection of 19th century stereoscopic photographs by David Brewster, who not only invented that process but also the kaleidoscope, which I'd always assumed to be the brainchild of someone hundreds of years earlier, like Galileo or Leonardo da Vinci.  I genuinely do learn something new every day.