Earlier this year I was asked to help the charity Netbuddy by photographing Kim and her son Sam as part of the 'Faces of Caring' campaign to raise awareness of people with learning difficulties.  This little boy is four years old but is mainly non-verbal and has multiple disabilities including a visual impairment which makes it difficult for him to process what he sees.  Last night the charity launched the campaign with an exhibition in London of the 50 or so photographs taken for this project and these will be used in the press and online in the days and weeks to come.  I submitted several images from the session but this was the one that the charity chose to exhibit.  Last night I learned that when Sam was 22 months old he reached for a drum in a music therapy session but had never touched a toy before that.  He certainly seemed to enjoy banging on his drum as I photographed him.  For more information about the charity and its work, please visit